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In these times of Covid and uncertainty many people have been spending more time at home, and have put extra time into their gardens and homes. Why not celebrate your accomplishments and create a special personal space with a Celtic Stepping Stone or Garden Plaque to add beauty to your garden? Perhaps you have a Celtic heritage. Our traditional pieces will help connect you and your garden symbolically with the Celtic Theme of Life: “We are dependent on nature, and nature is dependent upon us for survival.” In the past, many craftspeople carried on a handcrafted tradition that was learned when they were working in the family business, or they may have been an apprentice to a woodworker, seamstress, artist, or potter. Now there are less of these craftspeople in America. Imports have eliminated a lot of the American craft and artisan market, and made it difficult to be able to earn a living being an artist. Jon and I have always been artists, so it was a natural direction for us to sell our artwork at crafts fairs. In the 1970’s, we became craftspeople when we had a booth at the original Renaissance Faire in Novato, California. All the crafts offered had to be made by the craftsperson, and no imports or mass-produced crafts were allowed. These craftspeople were carrying on the handcrafted tradition, and their crafts were very well received. We have always felt that one of the best things about buying art at a crafts fair, rather than a store, is the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists who craft the items. We also enjoy speaking with people on the phone who share our love of the Celtic tradition, and who appreciate the research and time we put into our work. We share stories about travels in Ireland and Scotland, our Celtic heritage, and we learn a lot about Celtic life from each other. We look forward to speaking with you! Please try, whenever possible, to support the American craftspeople who spend their days creating beautiful art to enrich your daily life, and also make useful objects to make your life easier and more meaningful. Creating garden art by hand is what inspires us. Since we are participating in only a few crafts fairs now, we look forward to sharing our work and thoughts with you on this website.
“I received the compass stone in perfect condition. It looks lovely in my new yard, at the center of what will be the herb garden. Thanks so much! Sincerely, L.C.G. , Dallas, GA”
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