Brigid’s Cross Stepping Stone


The symbolic elements of this Brigid’s Cross stepping stone:
The center cross is traditionally made out of rushes and is hung over a doorway to protect the home. Surrounding the cross is blackberry, one of Brigid’s sacred plants.

Moving clockwise from the bottom right:
Harp-She is a Goddess of poetry & music Cauldron-She is a Fire Goddess & healer Triskellion Knot-She is a Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid’s Knot- A Celtic Knot made in her honor.

We make our plaques and stepping stones using cement (not a petroleum product such as plastic or resin.) Cement withstands the elements much better than resin. The original design is hand carved, then a mold is made. Each plaque or stone is unique, cast by hand, stained and sealed. All our art is handmade in our studio in Willits, Mendocino County, California, USA.

Each plaque and stone has a sturdy hanger. The Garden Stones may be hung up or used as stepping stones. Our plaques may be enjoyed in the garden, on a patio wall or fence, or in your home. Bring the magic of Celtic Art into your garden and home!

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Bronze Green, Grey/Blue


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