Ancient Trees Wall Plaque


6″ x 8″ – Ancient Trees Wall Plaque

Walking in the Redwoods with a friend one day, I felt the subtle energy that emanates from these ancient beings. Even though it was a long hike, I felt renewed energy in my body just being in this forest. When we are weary from the stresses that life challenges us with, being in a grove of trees can truly renew our spirit.

Inscription: “Not just for its beauty does the forest make a claim upon our hearts. There is a subtle energy that comes from these ancient trees, which transforms our being and renews our weary spirit.”

Inspired by Walt Whitman

We make our plaques and stepping stones using cement (not a petroleum product such as plastic or resin.) Cement withstands the elements much better than resin. The original design is hand carved, then a mold is made. Each plaque or stone is unique, cast by hand, stained and sealed. All our art is handmade in our studio in Willits, Mendocino County, California, USA.

Each plaque and stone has a sturdy hanger. The Garden Stones may be hung up or used as stepping stones. Our plaques may be enjoyed in the garden, on a patio wall or fence, or in your home. Bring the magic of Celtic Art into your garden and home!

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Jade/Terra Cotta, Olive/Terra Cotta, Terra Cotta, Terra Cotta/Olive


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