The I-Ching Stepping StoneApproximately 12.5" in diameter         Shown in Verdigris Blue

Early Heaven Arrangement of the I-Ching
Stepping Stone / Garden
(Design Copyrighted)

Available in 3 colors
Bronze/Green | Verdigris Blue (blue-green) | Terra Cotta/ Bronze
Verdigris Blue/ Blue-Green Terra Cotta/ Bronze

Tao is a process and a principle linking man and woman with the universe. Translated as "way" or "path", Tao reflects the natural way, the eternal rhythm of the universe and the way of man and woman within it. As a principle, Tao is a wholeness stemming from balance, a harmonious union of interacting opposites or elements: fire, water, heaven, earth, etc. As a process, Tao is constant, cyclical change, opposites spawning each other, summer to winter, returning to summer. Through understanding the patterns of Tao, feng shui experts seek balance and equilibrium to achieve harmony harmony with the environment.This octagonal-shaped piece combines both metaphysical and spiritual energies. The trigrams (line combinations) are the primal forces and are arranged in opposite pairs. This piece helps to attract positive energies to the home and deflects negative energies. The Tao symbol is in the center. Inscription: "Positive energies flowing like a river are welcome in my home."

At the bottom are the words "Health, Happiness and Long Life" and the Chinese characters for each one.

Price - $50.00



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