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FAQ and

Celtic Cross

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the stepping stones be hung on a wall?

Yes, every plaque/stepping stone we make has a sturdy hanger built into the piece. They can be hung on a fence, tree, or outdoor wall. To hang one of the large plaques inside on sheetrock, you may want to use a Molly-bolt.

2. Can each piece be displayed outdoors as well as inside?

Yes, each piece is made of Portland cement and has a weather-proof sealer that will withstand all temperatures.

3. How do I prepare the ground for stepping stones?

Decide where the stone will be placed. Clear the area underneath of any rocks. Put sand or soft dirt under the stone, and set the stone by gently pushing it into the soft material until it is level and does not move. You can add sand or dirt around the edges if you like.

4. How do I care for the stone?

Wash it off with a garden hose if it becomes dirty. You do not need to renew the sealer.

5. How do I cement a stepping stone into a patio to use as a focal point?

Cement the stone in as you would any tile or stepping stone.

6. Will the color of the stone I receive look exactly like the website photo?

Because we use cement stains to color our pieces, every stone will have variations in color from what you see on our website or at a show. Each color requires two or more cement stain colors. These are applied in layers. How much of each stain is used and the weather (rain, cold, heat) will affect how the stains will react on the individual piece. We will try to come as close to your requests for color as possible, but no two stones or plaques will have exactly the same color.

Customer Comments

I received the three garden plaques today. I wanted to let you know that they are absolutely perfect. Just beautiful! I am very happy with them. If anybody asks me, I would certainly recommend you. Thank you so much. — J.R. Tacoma, WA
I bought your round Greenman last Wednesday in Ft. Bragg. I just unwrapped in and put it out on my deck this morning, and I really love it. There's so much to it, and at the same time it's so simple. Bought one last year, bought one this year, looking forward to next year! I'm going to study your web site and see what I want most. Thanks for your art. — M. P., Akron, Ohio

We love the pieces and the color tones you did. You both are wonderful artists, thanks so much! Love —A.N., Sonora, CA

We own four of your stepping stones. We are very fond of the lovely patina of the finishes you use in your work. We buy one each year for our garden. —K.D., Merced, CA

Just got my cat plaque. I love it and want to order one for my friend. Thanks —C. T., New York

Just opened my package. Thanks to your careful packing, my plaque is in perfect condition. I look forward to ordering more of your wonderful stones. — E.V., New Jersey

I ordered the Celtic Cross stone to be placed at my brother’s gravesite. It came today, and is just what I hoped for. It will be a lovely remembrance of our Celtic heritage. M. F., Idaho

Our cat passed away, and we have your cat plaque in our garden, placed where he used to spend a lot of time. It means a lot to us. Thank you. —M. B., N. Dakota

Thank you for your prompt and careful shipping. We are enjoying your plaques in our garden! — N. D., New Jersey

I love the color on the compass stone, especially the way it looks, aged…with lighter spots. Beautiful earth tones. Thanks! —A.K., Fremont, CA

The labyrinth stone arrived today.  Just. Wow.  Thanks so much also for the great service, the care in shipping/delivery date, the phone call to let me know it was coming, and all.  The stone looks just great—the exact same labyrinth we have in our yard.  It will be a special gift. Your talents are appreciated. — Best Regards, S. K.

If you have questions,
comments or suggestions please
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Thank you for visting our site!

If you have questions,
comments or suggestions please
contact us

Leaf Black

Thank you for visting our site!

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