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Jon and Ann Maglinte
Jon and Ann Maglinte

Since 1972 Jon and Ann have been creating crafts inspired by a bygone age. We started our business at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, California, and over the years have offered our creations at Celtic festivals, art fairs and many California Renaissance Faires. We have always loved creating and working with new ideas, and have enjoyed collaborating together on new designs and ideas ever since we met.

Because of the detail in our work, many people think our pieces are ceramic, instead of cement. When we first started making our garden art in 1994, the pieces were made in clay and fired. Being gardeners, ourselves, and seeing the garden in all kinds of weather, from very hot days, to cold, snowy ones, we realized we wanted to offer pieces that could stay out in the garden and withstand any weather.

Jon began creating his own cement formulas that would give our pieces the look of ceramic, but be weather-proof. These pieces will withstand heat and cold. If you renew the sealer each year, your plaque will have a newer look. If you do not, your plaque will have the look of an antique garden ornament.

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